From the reflection on the extinction of traditional resources, a deeper discourse on current affairs emerges. The over-exploitation of natural resources, the distortion of secular identities and in general the danger of death looming over our planet is highlighted. If we want, we can deduce from his work a reflection on the transience of existence and on the impossible reversibility of the damage inflicted on the territories, in a perspective that recalls the Malthusian philosophical theories, as well as some scientific postulates of modern physics, that of the second law of thermodynamics, known as entropy. The entropic process is irreversible, and is felt especially when it is pushed beyond certain limits. One of the characteristics of entropy is the irreversibility of transformations. The concept teaches us that everything is destined to change over time and that nothing will ever return as it was before. Moreover, the artist, like so many cultural operators, is sensitive to recent scientific theories that help decode possible future scenarios and better understand the surrounding world. To have a more specific idea of the references linked to the concept of entropy.

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