Wall Art

I work on tiles, experimenting with diverse making processes and decorating approaches. Tiles are mostly mass produced but can and are altered in small batches to provide each with its own exclusive design/identity. The starting point is all the same, the common square tile. Although a very old item in design and usability, many companies have been pushing the boundaries to make this item evolve through the generations. The tile also continues to be a calling card or an icon of a certain area, village or country. In the case of my native city of Malaga, I feel that the historical fishing sentiment of the area from where I come from has been somehow lost. With my tiles, and the maritime design on them, I try to go back to the fishing roots of the area and hopefully re kindle the all sentiment lots in the pass decades.

I am interested in the potential that tiles posses as a medium for artistic expression, its flat surface invites innumerable ceramic decorating techniques and surfaces qualities, many of these techniques have been now dropped from factories practice due to their expense or slowness in production and it is now being left to the individual artist potter to fill the design gap and increase the possible qualities in tile decoration.

Tiles have been made almost throughout the history of ceramics. Tiles are easy to make, they have a long tradition and the popularity of the tile has increased to the point where a single decorated tile is an acceptable gift.

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