These are the things that inspire me:


During my multiple returns and visits to my native Spain I sense a shift to a global model that does away with the individuality of a community, gutting out the inner core that gave my community its’ reason for existence. Through my work I want to rescue a bit of the past, which has greatly influenced the person that I am.

My latest work explores the lost of tradition and why we decide to renovate or forget our eldest legacies, focusing in the decline of the traditional fisherman industry in the south of Spain.

I took inspiration from todays ghostly artefacts “Tornos” left behind to decay in the southern beaches of my homeland.

Traditional food it is also a source of inspiration. When my mother die many great recipes die with her.

My artefacts and creations are purely made of ceramics as a way of making my feeling tangible and tactile.  Colours and textures are to me the international language to tell a story. My intentions are that this local story makes a statement, which I hope resonate true to its message, crystallising the story of a fishing community and local customs now almost lost.