Art Design in Ceramics

Artist statement

In the same way that one of the oldest purposes of Art is to tell a story whether religious, fictional or historical – I use my work mainly to tell my own story. The memories that we accrue during our lives help us to understand better our location in the present.

I want to convey this intangible and invisible duality of time by the use of texture and colors. My work explores the relationship between color, shapes and textures. I am always been fascinated with surface decoration.Experimenting with the use of different clay materials, layering technique and texture glazes to achieve the final pieces.

My latest work explores the lost of tradition and why we decide to renovate or forget our eldest legacies, focusing in the decline of the traditional fisherman industry in the South of Spain. I took inspiration for my vessels from today’s ghostly artifacts called “Tornos” left behind to decay in the southern beaches of my homeland

I am not afraid to take risks in my work, when things don’t turn out quite the way I expected I embrace what has happened and take them forward and make it my own. The making process is a continual challenge, I enjoy solving problems that might occur in this process, and my sketchbook is my main resource of inspiration to transfer on to the surface of my work. I would define my work as a collage style, made of diverse ceramics materials, several making processes and numerous firing.